Who is Ross? 
Photo Contest Open to All...

Send your entries to perroloco@perroloco.net
We need images from YOU! Images of Your Perception of Ross! (may be illustrations, drawings, crayon drawings, photos... whatever) The winner will be selected by an impartial panel of judges who also think Ross is unlikely to be voted "Most Popular Boy" in his class. 

Ross & His mom...








Give It Up.jpg (17254 bytes)Ross Captures Dangerous Terrorist GMan101.jpg (16415 bytes)Ross's Secret identity RossMiser.jpg (20177 bytes)
RossHouse.jpg (140232 bytes)Ross's Ground Floor Flat? CapLaugh.jpg (18322 bytes)
The Real Ross ???


CapsCow.jpg (36091 bytes) Holy Cow!

Ross sez hello....
RossNabsTerrorist.jpg (97592 bytes)
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Ross... kvetching! Giving yentas everywhere a bad name...

Photo contributed by Dr.Johnny Fever
Ross ? MerryChristmas.jpg (36924 bytes) Pumpkin Toss.jpg (28941 bytes)Fanny sent in her impression of Ross, based no doubt on what he says when he calls...
ass-holes.jpg (12426 bytes)Ross is feeling a little paranoid today? DerFuhrer-2.jpg (40361 bytes)Hizzoner's twin brother Ross? 
contributed by Secret Mayor Cootie Fan
RossWanted-1.JPG (46874 bytes)Ross makes the news again...
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MerryXmas.jpg (39337 bytes)RossDaTerminator.jpg (39186 bytes)
Photo contributed by Doug the ghost Ross the Talibanator sends Christmas Greets to Osama!
Constable Ross.jpg (55784 bytes)  PopeyeRoss.jpg (26513 bytes) OsamaBinRoss.jpg (51588 bytes) 
Ross' Brain
 contributed by
 Dr. Johnny Fever
RossLimbaugh.jpg (23338 bytes)Dr. Johnny sent this in...
Rush or Ross? Hard to say since they both talk the same trash.
turkey1.gif (16021 bytes)
bushdoodoohead.jpg (50799 bytes) Ross's Choice...
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