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Welcome to Perro Loco's web site. Now that you are here... you may be wondering just who Perro Loco is and what Mad Dog Interstellar Trading, Ltd. is all about. 

Perro Loco is a nickname that was given to me years ago by a print publisher I worked for in California. Later on the nickname started showing up as part of my byline and later completely replaced my actual name entirely. This has given me some degree of freedom that I otherwise wouldn't have on the 'Net and incidentally provided me with what I think is a nifty "nom de plume."  

Mad Dog Interstellar Trading, Ltd. is simply what I've chosen to call my web design & development business, such as it is. I specialize in producing web sites for small businesses with a limited budget that want to have or need a web presence. Just decent, basic web sites without redundant and bandwidth consuming tricks & bells like extensive JAVA scripting, CGI, Macromedia FLASH or other slow loading components. Remember that the vast majority of Internet users still connect to the 'Net using a 56k or slower modem connection!

Over the years I've had a fair amount of experience in the "rag trade" (print magazines) and I think that translates well to the Internet, particularly when it comes to designing web sites. My belief is that most web sites are much too complex and take much to long to load. A decent web site  is, more or less, like a magazine in a news rack. The cover should grab the eye and make you want to open the magazine and browse. Hopefully then, you'll purchase it. I think most of the sites I have designed & manage accomplish this.

Eventually, I hope to be able to put examples of my ideas on this site... but until then, have a look at some of the sites I've designed and maintain. Please check out my LINKS page to see examples of my work. If any of these pages strike your fancy and you'd like to have me work on something for you or your business... please get in touch.

Perro Loco

Please check out my Links & the web pages I have designed and currently maintain...


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