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Ok... the Lynæs Senior sailboats were designed in Lynæs by the fellow who used to own the LynæsBådeværft  (Boatyard) - you will see that my Canadian built Nordica, which was built on license is more or less an exact copy of the Lynæs Senior. Niels tells me that the Lynæs Senior was made in two versions - the original was 18' and the later version was a 20 footer. We found two Lynæs Seniors up for winter storage in Frederiksværk but unfortunately - owing to my great skill and dexterity - I managed to drop my camera the next day and the back opened up... so I lost some photos to light leaks and sort of ruined two of the ones I put up here. Oops! 

My little Nordica 20 the S/V Marsha Edmonds shows some difference from the Lynæs Senior - mostly having to do with a bunch of custom teak work and the bowsprit. The "Marsha" also has a BMW D7 Marine Diesel - while the Danish Lynæs Senior show in the photos does not have an inboard engine - you can see the rudder cut out for a prop - the Lynæs Seniors were available with an optional inboard 
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LynæsSenior-1.JPG (73438 bytes) LynæsSenior-2.JPG (71675 bytes) lynsenior1.jpg (137531 bytes) MarshaEdmonds-1.jpg (28437 bytes) MarshaEdmonds-2.jpg (33836 bytes)
a Lynæs Senior   Lynæs Senior Original Specs Lynæs Senior 18 SV Marsha Edmonds SV Marsha Edmonds
MarshaEdmonds-3.jpg (29688 bytes) MarshaE-7.jpg (67224 bytes) MarshaE-8.jpg (60412 bytes) PerroLoco-007x.JPG (22451 bytes) Nordica 20 - Lines.gif (20398 bytes)
SV Marsha Edmonds SV Marsha Edmonds SV Marsha Edmonds Capt. El Perro Loco Specs Nordica 20
In the event that you have any interest in buying the S/V Marsha Edmonds... she is NOT for sale and you can't afford her anyway... If you like, I can try and find a Lynæs Senior for you... FOB Danmark.

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