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While in Danmark, Niels and I were able to get together a few times to drink some good Carl's Special - There are only two REAL brands of beer in Denmark, Tuborg & Carlsberg - I think Carl's Special is the best! - & eat several different types of local herring in Lynæs & Hundested - both are really small little fishing villages at the northern end of Sjælland - the island where the Danish capital of København is located. (see the maps)

Niels introduced me to his girlfriend Ulla, some of the folks in Lynæs & took me out for a wonderful traditional Danish lunch at the Hundested Kro (Inn).   
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Lynæshavn-1.JPG (210748 bytes) Lynæshavn-now.JPG (80198 bytes) OldBoats1892.JPG (95898 bytes) OldBoats1897.JPG (119595 bytes) Sejlklubben-1.JPG (64050 bytes)
Lynæshavn 1918 Lynæshavn now Lynæs 1892 Lynæs 1897 Sejlklubben Lynæs
Lynæs is pronounced sort of like "Lune-aas" and "havn" means harbor... Bådeværft is boatworks - Sejlklubben means "sail club." The prints of the old paintings were given to me by Niels. It seems that not much has changed since those paintings were made. They've been building local fishing boats & now pleasure boats (Lystbåde) at the Lynæs Bådeværft since 1886... Niels is the vice commodore & also the web master for the Sejlklubben Lynæs - have a look! 
Sejlklubben-2.JPG (89193 bytes) OldLynæs.JPG (136165 bytes) OldLynæsStreetScene.JPG (53658 bytes) OldLynæsHouse-3.JPG (48595 bytes) Richard02021.JPG (18089 bytes)
I was here! Really! Lynæs 1916 Same road 2002 House at the end of the same road Niels took this on top of an ancient dolman.
Lynæs Bådeværft.JPG (79264 bytes) InsideLynæsBådeværft.JPG (70956 bytes) LynæsStrand-1.JPG (74384 bytes) LynæsStrand-2.JPG (65437 bytes) IsefjordView.JPG (61908 bytes)
Lynæs Bådeværft Inside Bådeværft Beach at Lynæs  Beach at old ferry dock Isefjord from Lynæs
NielsWindow.JPG (92400 bytes) IsefjordChart.JPG (102486 bytes) HundestedLynæsMap.JPG (65999 bytes) DanmarkMap.JPG (366488 bytes) RichardWindow.JPG (97091 bytes)
Niels at old window Old Danish navy chart Lynæs & Hundested Danmark - all of it! Me at old window
Just to give you all an idea of what the area around Lynæs & Hundested look like... these villages are at the Kattegat entrance to the Isefjord. Niels gave me an old Danish naval chart which I've scanned part of to share with you. The other maps will give you an idea of where Lynæs & Hundested are located. 

The photos were taken on really cold & windy days... damn... my Carl's Special almost froze, so I had to drink it quick! So... where are the original Lynæs Senior boats you ask? Check out the next page...

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