Thanks to my friends (and you know who you are... ) I was able to visit my sweetie Lise in København, Danmark again this year. This year's trip was more than just a holiday because we were laying the ground work for me to be able to move over there permanently. In addition to the lengthiest employment interview I've ever had and  dealing with the "Udlændingestyrelsen" (Danish Immigration) I somehow managed to find the time to get a few decent (I think) photos of people and places in Danmark that I have come to love.  Some of the photos are from postcards I bought to share - and rather than actually mail them, I thought I'd put them here... Throughout this little web dagbog or journal you'll find links to outside web pages that have additional information about specific subjects that will open in a separate browser window.
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KøbenhavnPostcard.JPG (83201 bytes) AmailienborgSlot.JPG (84997 bytes) Nyhavn-1K.JPG (113405 bytes) KøbenhavnSkyline.JPG (48485 bytes) KøbenhavnHarborSunset.JPG (73278 bytes)
A postcard view Amailienborg Slot Nyhavn Skyline København Harbor
It occurred to me that some explanation of these photos may be in order as the little captions are not completely self explanatory... The first top row of photos were scanned from post cards I bought, since they are better photos that I could take. 

The photos show some typical touristic scenes in København (Copenhagen) The Nyhavn district in København is an old sailor's area where Hans Christian Andersen once lived. It's probably the single most photographed neighborhood in the city and walking around in the area is great fun. Some of the finest old shops in town are located on the side streets in the district. The cafes and restaurants are wonderful, tourist oriented and generally expensive. In 20 years of visiting København I had never gone into any of the places there until this winter when Lise & her friend Anne invited me for coffee on a very chilly day. 

Amailienborg Slot is the palace where Queen Margrethe (who is a LOT better looking than George W. Bush) lives when she's in the city. (Slot means castle in "Denmarkian" and it turns out that the Royal Family has seven "official" castles & three more private ones.) The royal family actually lives in the building on the near left side... I think the other places are where Daisy - Queen Margrethe's nickname - parks the cars. There are some great rumors circulating throughout København about Daisy's husband, Prince Consort Henrik - Danmark's Fairy Prince!

Nyhavn-2K.JPG (149608 bytes) Nyhavn-3K.JPG (146472 bytes) Niels-Richard-CarlsSpecial.JPG (61398 bytes) NielsAtOldFerryDockLynæs.JPG (36113 bytes) NielsRosenbergLynæsSejlklubben.JPG (58418 bytes)
Nyhavn - again Nyhavn - & again Niels, me & Carls Special Niels at old ferry dock Inside Sejlklubben Lynæs 
My friend Niels Rosenberg is a recently pensioned Danish navy skipper who is also the vice-commodore of the Sejlklubben Lynæs (Lynæs Yachtclub). We met online while I was attempting to track down the genesis of my Canadian built Nordica sailboat the S/V Marsha Edmonds. Turns out they were designed right next door to Niels' sailing club in Lynæs by a fellow named Maltha-Müller, now deceased. The Lynæs Bådeværft (boatyard) has been building traditional Danish vessels since 1886 - Niels was generous enough to give me some very nice prints of some paintings done in the late 1800s which show some of these nifty boats.

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