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Here are some links to sites I've designed. All of my sites are specifically set up to look and feel more or less the same regardless of which web browser you are using. This can be more difficult that you think... but look at it this way. If you want to let potential clients or customers know about your business, don't limit your viewers to any one particular browser, like Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

I go through extensive site testing to make sure that all of my pages look & feel more or less the same regardless of the browser. Additionally, I use a large number of resources both in the United States, Europe & Asia to check my pages for load times and overall speed.

Some of the sites I have designed & maintain:

Forgotten Wisdom a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to teaching through music. 

Superior Marine Services, Inc. & The Washburn Marina

Outdoor Allure Tackle Shop & Guide Service

The Wisconsin Public Radio Association

Wisconsin Public Radio Northern Region

Say Anything Forum Say Anything Twin Ports Issues of the Day & The Duke Skorich Show

Munqui Productions - Complete Calls from the 2002 NCAA Hockey Championship Games

What REALLY Happened to Duke... Click here to find out

Duke Skorich Archives of his Northland Reader Columns

Duke Skorich's Biggest Fan Ross The Ross Photo Contest Page

Fred's Page Confessions of a Closet Intellectual

My Most Recent Trip to Denmark Danmark Dagbog 2002 (Dagbog is "Denmarkian" for Journal)

Imperium Galactica II Saved Game Files

You may write to me at the following address...

Some of my favorite sites... you may or may not find these to be useful. Some of them are web sites I visit frequently and some are sites done by friends of mine.

The Two BEST Search Engines on the planet Google & All The Web

The Copenhagen Post Denmark's only English Language Newspaper

BBC World Service

The Darwin Awards People from the Shallow End of the Gene Pool

UK Guardian World News 

The NY Times Congressional Directory Piggies who feed at the public trough

The Drudge Report Breaking News from the guy who broke the Monica & Bill story

Artball Bo Heidleberg - a very good Danish graphics designer 

Copenhagen Webcam & Gallery Daily digital photos & weather from a guy in KÝbenhavn

Universal Currency Converter Convert any currency - up to the hour rates

Convert ANYTHING Weights, measures, volume, time... Anything!

Ferret Central all about Weezuls & Carpet Sharks

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