Download Imperium Galactica II Saved Game files...

These saved game files are from an easy level campaign where the player is the Solarian Emperor. Eventually, all the other empires in the game are conquered by the Evil Kra'hen Hordes... so there is no possibility of being saved by a timely tech trade or some alliance with another culture. Ultimately it comes down to the Solarians vs. the Evil God Emperor of the Kra'hen. The showdown comes when you must initiate a war with the Kra'hen in order to obtain the 4th Crystal - as demanded by the scenario - strangely, once you get the damned thing, your scientists tell you it's a computer record of long lost genetic research... but since all the other races are now destroyed by the Kra'hen, the crystals add nothing to the plot... in fact, the plot essentially ends at that point.

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Save 11

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Save 13

Save 14

Save 15

Save 16 Solarians Before Attacking Kra'hen Planet to get the 4th Crystal

Save 17 Solarians Before Attacking Kra'hen Planet to get 4th Crystal... closer to battle

Save 18 

Save 19 Solarians who exist by Trading alone (no taxes) Face Kra'hen 1200 Ship Fleet.

Save 20 Now at War with Kra'hen - just about to face 4000 Battleship 22,000 Fighter fleet

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